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This course can no longer be booked.

Wednesday Group: Fathering the Self

Group Coaching for Men only on Wednesdays 1130am

  • Ended
  • 750 US dollars
  • Zoom Teleconferencing

Service Description

Have you ever wondered why you struggle as a man to be present, or to fulfill the masculine role. At times we allow others, including our mothers, wives, bosses or society to decide who we are and what our role as a man will be versus what you desire to be and become? Join a group of men who will explore why the (dorsal) nervous system shuts down and allows others to determine who you are, or your (sympathetic) defense system trying to always prove yourself as a man. Using the trauma-informed model the group will explore the parts of the self created to protect it's image and adapt coping skills to relate and esteem the self, by learning what other men in your group do to sustain their masculinity, beliefs and their inner core. This coaching will allow group members to equip each other to wholeness, accepting all parts of self. This is a 15 week series. The group will explore the nervous system, listening to the body, recognizing unmet needs, esteeming the self, returning to the role of masculinity, understanding feminine energy for the purpose of uniting to the parts of the self to wholeness. And well, you know, how to inspire wives/partners to step into their femininity. Explore your purpose as a man, as a leader and everything you wished your father taught you growing up, yet perhaps did not have the tools to teach you when you were developing as a young man. Fathering the self is maturing the younger self to become the leader you desire to be through the comradery of men who desire to grow with you.

Contact Details

+ 480-743-6148

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