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#Heart Surgery

If you knew you had cancer right now, what would you do to assure you received the best care, the best practice, the best treatment? Would time matter? What cost matter? What would matter for you to obtain the best treatment? I interned in a medical center when I was in my counseling program and I was shocked after many blood lab results, MRIs, x-rays etc, patient showed no sign of physical injury despite big symptoms being mentioned. (btw these is a scary part of treatment because if not doing the inner work can lead to true illness, which is sad this is not being told to patients, they return years later with true diagnosis, because the body needs more toxic stress repeatedly in order to actually create disease). Another surprise was how many patients were not willing to see stress, trauma, and environmental situations were creating their somatic experiences.

Many times, patients just wanted the pill, or surgery, anything rather "therapy," which in that setting was a 15 minute consult. Whether cultural or societal definitions, many would tell me, "I am not crazy." Recently, I had a client tell me during a support group, she was planning to leave because she just wanted to feel happy and not depressed. Not knowing happiness is already within you and depression is just a message informing to tend to the heart. The truth is, freedom comes from doing the inner work, soul heart surgery. Checking in with the heart and truly revealing it's aches and pains in order to release trauma or stress. Joy which has always been there, flows, happiness is seen easily without chasing it. There can be layers, and actually just like cancer, we can treat it and cancer may disappear after chemo treatments or perhaps we need to go deeper and have surgery or more treatments etc. The beauty of soul heart surgery is, it is less invasive, less expensive, and you can go as far as you want, depending what results you want!

I fell in love with myself, not just the nice things about me, like the funny side-(well what I find funny), the talents I consider to have, the passions, hobbies, but also the ugly parts of me, the parts of me who are bad or mean, the part of me who is scared, the risk-taker, the not-so wise, and many other parts and I befriended them all. When I want to judge them, I get to turn around and be compassionate because I recognize that part of me needs my attentions, needs my guidance, needs my support and most importantly my love. I no longer seek outside of me, because I have it all within me. I accept the duality of joy and grief, happy and sad, as they show up without needing to change my circumstance or feelings, just notice and love them all. My body is lighter, I worry less, I am ok with the unknown, I trust, and still exploring new benefits. I have me back!!!

Soul heart surgery has many steps, the first step is seeing all the parts of you, not to judge rather to get to know the many parts of you who create you. Like a tree, it is made of branches, leaves, roots, all forming the tree, our body does too, head, hands, belly, legs etc, we have different parts of us who create our energy, experiences, beliefs. As we get to know every aspect of us, we accept them as they are, listening in to their story, their age, their alliances and love them, support them, guide them with gentleness and compassion. Just like you would a child, or a puppy, or even a hurt limb, arm or a cancer patient, we treat them with gentleness, kindness, courage and love. How are you doing with your heart? Excited to hear about your journey!

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