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Updated: Feb 11, 2022

You know why I love burpees? No matter how low to the ground you get, you still bounce back up! Yea, I actually hate burpees when I go to the gym, yet I giggle every time because I know this is the story of life. We fall down and we get back up. Yet, at times, we want to skip steps, when we fall, we think we will be rescued, or need to get help outside of us. Yet, it is all within us, the ability to get back up, is within us, it has always been there.

Why we stay at the bottom.... beliefs, we have many belief systems keeping us down. We believe we are not good enough, imposter syndrome, or even beliefs such as, others do not care, no-one understands me. The list can go on. I know I have been there before. Many of us can arrive here, yet the beautiful things is, we all have gotten up! What helped you get up?

This is your resilience, you have fallen many times, I have fallen many times, yet we have risen right back up. We get back up and try again. At times, I got bored being down there, ha, like yea, this pity party is not working for me. Or this victimization syndrome is definitely not doing me good. It gets boring and lonely down there. I usually do not invite others with me. And when I do, they kinda get bored too, soo they invite me out. My parents usually just invite me to coffee and well that definitely gets me up and going.

What has helped you get up? What helps you keep getting up? What steps did you take to get you back up?

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