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#Being busy

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I hear often, “I’m soo busy,” "I'm too busy," I can’t help and giggle how important we feel when we say this. Truth, I was one of those people who kept my calendar soo busy I felt awkward not having my calendar filled. It wasn’t until I learned I was staying busy to not feel. Truly feel and be in the present.

Why do we avoid the present moment or feeling our emotions? Well, for me, I did not realize I had severe trauma and so as a very young little girl, I learned if I stayed busy, with sports, school work, church activities, social events, I would avoid feeling my true feelings of pain, hurt, disappointment, rejection, and much more. Worst, these feelings were attached at times with beliefs. Beliefs of not being important, good enough, a bad person, lovable and many more beliefs running the show. It was easier to shut them all down with “staying busy.”

What I learned is when I slowed down and address these feelings, they no longer need to take over my life because they no longer have this much power over me. I learned to enjoy my present moment, and not fill my calendar in order to make time for things that are important in my life, such as watching my daughter dance, having coffee with my parents every morning and spending quality time with friends.

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