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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Do you remember what you used to love playing as kid? I loved playing tetherball, I felt powerful despite how little I was and I was very ambitious to play anyone who would let me. I was too little to play many sports, but my brother was my inspiration, he was playing ball all day, either basketball or football with his friends. If my brother was not playing ball, he was watching ball, any sport, all year long, basketball, football, baseball, soccer. My parents would have him watch us and he would sit us all to watch sports with him. Naturally, I learned to love sports. Watching the Olympics was always a treat.

What you may not know is, my parents would not let us watch television at all. If they left the house, my brother would immediately put on sports. While my parents were home, we would be outside watching my brother play sports, I would be lucky if they needed an extra "man" cause that meant I would play.

When I married, I forgot how much I loved playing. I remember my husband telling me, go have fun, go out with your friends. He was inviting me to go play, but along the way I forgot. How did that happen? I lost myself in my vision, college, career, what everyone else said I had to be, versus who I already loved to be, playful, curious, creative and fun. I subscribed to "adulting," or "social expectations" versus my true self.

I have been blessed to have met mentors who brought me back to my heart, to my authentic self, back to play, creativity and fun. Life is balanced again, I am back in harmony with myself, with all the parts of me, feels good to be back!

How do you play? Do you make time to play? What can you do now to engage with your inner child and your inner heart? You can start by remembering what you loved to do as a child, or what your children love to do! My daughter used to make us dance and she would choreograph all the moves, we had soo much fun, we still attempt dance parties! Imagine, my son loves wrestling, yikes, I better let his dad take over on that one, (although Gage still attempts his Judo and wrestling moves on me, many bruises, and soo worth it). I also love watching my nieces play, their energy, curiosity, free self inspire me soo much, seeing the world through their play makes me giggle often. Even my silly dog cracks me up, he likes to play catch all day.

Get out there, maybe start by getting some sun, in nature, play cards, anything, let me know what you learned about yourself!!

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